A Letter from the President and Chief Executive Officer

The story of the Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) is really the story of the agencies we support.

Since it was created in 1996, the Foundation has provided funding to dozens of non-profit organizations with a common goal: Improving the health of citizens in our community. The types of programs funded by WHF and the ways in which they serve our region vary greatly.

The one thing that does not vary is the enthusiasm our grant recipient agencies bring to the task of strengthening Greater Williamsburg. These organizations tend to be staffed by some of the area's most focused, passionate and talented professionals. They serve segments of our community most in need the young, the elderly, the chronically ill, the uninsured and the underinsured.

We are pleased to help make possible efforts that can best be described as part dedication, part innovation, and part heroism. Programs like the Chronic Care Collaborative and the School Health Initiative Program, for instance, are serving as models for other communities addressing lifestyle issues affecting citizen health and the cost of treatment.

The Foundation may best be known as a grant maker, but no less important is its roles as a convener and a collaborator. We facilitate ongoing discussions that help identify areas of concern, coordinate resources and develop collaborative solutions. Again, the successes resulting from these discussions would not be possible without active and engaged professionals working on behalf of the entire community.

We look forward to helping Greater Williamsburg become an even stronger, healthier place to live and work.


Jeanne Zeidler
President and Chief Executive Officer