Strategic Plan 2012-14

The Foundation's strategic plan defines the goals, strategies, and objectives that will guide decision-making about allocation of resources for the next three years to achieve most effectively the Foundation’s mission.


The Williamsburg Health Foundation will be a trusted and effective resource in perpetuity for improving the health and well-being of people living in Greater Williamsburg


  • Strengthen access to quality health services
  • Promote responsible health practices


  • Teamwork
  • Effective communication
  • Strong community partnerships
  • Ethical and accountable decision-making
  • Continuous improvement

Goal: Strengthen access to health care for medically underserved residents and for other vulnerable populations.

  • Strengthen the health care safety net through grants for infrastructure, direct services and other projects designed to increase access to care and improve health outcomes.
  • Improve access to health care for vulnerable populations.

Goal: Reduce the prevalence of preventable illness over the long-term.

  • Identify the health access and disease prevention needs of people living in Greater Williamsburg.
  • Educate, create awareness, and promote medical literacy and wellness through partnerships and a multifaceted communications plan.
  • Leverage WCHF resources for maximum impact.

Goal: Facilitate health-related improvements through partnerships and increased collaboration with community organizations.

  • Leverage community resources for increased program quality, efficiency and improved health outcomes by convening stakeholders and facilitating collaboration.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local health related non-profits to improve quality, expand service capacity and diversify support.