The Foundation may invite programs or agencies with a record of strong outcomes to apply for other types of funding. Agencies invited to apply for these types of grants will receive applications by email.

Basic Program Support grants provide support for individual programs effectively addressing specific community health issues. In addition to meeting the Foundation’s eligibility requirements, programs must have had demonstrated ability to meet performance benchmarks, improve efficiencies, continually deliver quality services and address community needs. An agency may receive two grants in this category per year.

Basic Program Support status will be reviewed annually.

Foundation-Directed grants provide funding for programs targeting community health issues identified by the Foundation and collaborating agencies. Agencies must meet Foundation’s eligibility requirements. Other requirements are determined by the nature of the program.

An agency’s Foundation-Directed status will be reviewed annually. These grants are long-term investments, and are process, data and outcome driven. They are also characterized by active involvement by Foundation staff.