Before Applying

Funding Priorities

Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) envisions individuals making healthy choices in a community with health opportunities for all. The Foundation defines health broadly.  It is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.  It is not merely absence of disease or infirmity.

WHF grants support a wide variety of programs addressing health disparities, encouraging wellness, promoting personal responsibility, and providing care.

WHF has established three main goals to guide its grant making:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles and informed individual choices for all who live in our community.
  • Target resources to meet the health care needs of our most vulnerable community members
  • Increase health opportunities by advocating for their consideration in policies and decisions affecting our service area.

The links to the right offer information about the types of services the Foundation funds, the process of applying for grants, and the expectations for agencies receiving funding.

Questions about WHF grants may be directed to the Foundation's program officers at (757) 345-0912 or submitted by email at

More information about these goals and WHF’s strategic plan can be found here.

Grant Eligibility Requirements

Before beginning the application process, review these requirements to ensure the program and agency meet the Foundation's eligibility.

Alignment with the Foundation's Interests

A program must be in alignment with the mission and goals of the Foundation, which are outlined in WHF's Strategic Plan 2015-2017.

Service Area

Foundation grants support programs benefiting the citizens of Greater Williamsburg, a region defined by this map of WHF's service area.

Agency Eligibility

The following types of organizations may apply for funding:

  • Nonprofit corporations with 501(c)3 tax status as demonstrated by an IRS determination letter
  • State or local government agencies
Application Documents

An application must include the most recent copies of an agency's board roster, agency's operating budget, annual report, IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ, and the agency's annual financial audit.

Applications and supporting documents are due by noon (12:00 p.m.) on the dates indicated.  There are no exceptions to deadlines. Please complete your application early to avoid any last minute problems.  Late applications will not be considered. 

Other Considerations
  • Programs involving collaboration among organizations will receive higher priority.
  • Programs funded through multiple sources will receive higher priority. 
  • Programs combining health and social service elements must have a clear and compelling health component. Agencies should identify anticipated health outcomes. 
  • The Foundation will not fund applications requesting funding for:
    • Annual appeals and fundraising
    • Endowments
    • Real estate acquisition
    • Restoration of funds cut by governments or other organizations
    • Lobbying

Grant Categories

There are four distinct grant types offered by the Foundation: