The School Health Initiative Program

The School Health Initiative Program, or "SHIP," was created in 2006 to address children's health issues resulting from poor diets and lack of physical activity. SHIP is a partnership between the Foundation, which provides funding, and Williamsburg-James City County Schools, which administers the program.

The initiative was created as rising body weights among children since the 1970s lead community leaders to become alarmed about the long-term health consequences. issues. SHIP, however, is fostering cultural change that will lead to better long-term health for Williamsburg-area citizens.

SHIP efforts take several forms:

  • SHIP funding supports better quality foods in school cafeterias. The program paid to removed deep fryers in favor of convection ovens. Salad bars were installed in high school cafeterias. Recipes were changed so even foods considered unhealthy - such as the ever-popular pizza - are now much better nutritionally balanced.
  • The WIP program helps teachers incorporate physical activity into SOL-friendly lessons. Elementary school teachers are making learning more interesting and exciting by using more than 600 WIP lesson plans posted on the web.
  • Challenge Clubs are popular after-school activities that engage students in cooking, dancing, running and other healthy activities.