The Williamsburg Health Foundation provides speakers to civic groups, faith communities, and other gatherings within the Greater Williamsburg community.  Staff members are knowledgeable in different subjects, and each topic can be presented to fit different amounts of time.

Below are some of the topics and speakers.  For more information, write or call 757-345-0912.

Building a Culture of Health in Greater Williamsburg and How Each Individual Can Help Make the Community Healthier

Presenter: Allison Brody, Director of Community Resource Development and Engagement. This talk explains the Foundation’s role and responsibility in creating a healthier Greater Williamsburg and discusses social determinants of health. It also gives people ideas on how each person can make ours a healthier community.

Changing Rules and Changing Roles: Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

Presenter: Carol Sale, President and CEO.  What does Medicaid expansion mean?  How is it beginning to impact the delivery of healthcare and the organizations that have traditionally cared for the poor and uninsured?

What Are the Numbers Telling Us? – Status of Citizen Health in Greater Williamsburg

Presenter: Paulette Parker, Senior Program Officer.  Data can help us understand the health of our community, but averages can also be deceiving.  This talk dives down into the data to illuminate health disparities within our community.

 Healthy Food Access in Greater Williamsburg

Kyra Cook, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Program Officer.  This talk looks at how people in our community obtain their food and how the Williamsburg Health Foundation works to get healthier food to those that need it most.

Oral Health CareVideo Capability Required  The system for delivering oral health care in our nation and in Virginia is full of gaps.  Learn what they are and how local groups and individuals try and fill them.