Data Systems Integration Manager

The Williamsburg Health Foundation seeks a Data Systems Integration Manager (DSI). The DSI Manager will be our subject-matter expert on data, internal consultant, and implementation specialist of “best practice” solutions that extract and maximize business value.

This position is responsible for data quality and stewardship functions related to reporting and analysis services to maintain data accuracy and reliability.  A critical component of the role is the understanding and application of data visualization concepts to make data simple to understand, drawing attention to trends and related opportunities and risks.

The Data Systems Integration Manager is responsible for ensuring the alignment of the Foundation’s data strategy with its strategic plan and will provide analysis to support the implementation of the strategic plan including, but not limited to:

  • Developing, documenting, and maintaining analytical models and dashboards.
  • Establishment of metrics and trend analysis to measure the efficacy of programs.
  • Define, document, and review business requirements for creating reports.
  • Formulation and definition of systems scope, and objectives through research and fact-finding
  • Provide analysis to support new projects.
  • Assist in the prioritization, process, and development of strategic plan tactics.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Data Systems
  • Intermediate knowledge in hardware and networking
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills.


  • Computer Science skills
  • Minimum of 5 years database experience and proficiency in database administration, management, data imports and exports, and developing reports
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications with an emphasis on database and spreadsheet applications

This position is part time with benefits.

Qualified applicants can respond to

Deadline for the application was Friday, March 1, 2019. WHF is no longer accepting applications for this position.