Final Grants for 2018 Announced

On December 3, 2018, the Williamsburg Health Foundation’s Board of Trustees met and approved over one million dollars in grants to provide individuals in Greater Williamsburg with increased opportunity to lead healthy lives.

“The opportunity to live a healthy life is not evenly distributed to all,” said Carol Sale, President and CEO of the Williamsburg Health Foundation.  “A major thrust of the Foundation’s work for many years has been to look at upstream determinants of health and try to level the playing field so everyone in our community can have a chance to lead a healthier life for the long term. In this, the second of two grant rounds for 2018, there are strong examples of this work.”

Grants to the Arc of Williamsburg for adult fitness classes and another to the One Child Center for Autism’s monthly Kids’ Night held at the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex help to support special opportunities for active living for individuals with learning differences and with disabilities of all ages. “People with intellectual and or developmental disabilities are at significantly greater risk than the population at large for obesity and related health problems,” said Sale.

“Our largest grant for wellness promotion each year is the School Health Investment Program, or SHIP,” said Sale.  “But these two grants illustrate how some members of our community face different and more complex challenges in living a healthy life.”

In this grant round, the largest grant is to Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center. “This has been a consistent grant for many years.” said Sale. “We appreciate all Olde Towne and our other local safety net clinics have done to see both insured and uninsured patients.”

“The expansion of Medicaid in Virginia will mean many changes and challenges for all safety-net clinics in the future. Medicaid reimbursement does not typically cover the cost of treating a patient. We know there will still be a profound need for support for the local clinics, and we hope that donors and longtime supporters will understand this as well.”

“At the Foundation, we always remind people that we all have a role to play in making ours a healthier community,” said Sale.  “Be kind, help someone who needs you, or support a local organization. It all goes a long way towards making ours a healthy community. ”

The Williamsburg Health Foundation was founded in 1996 with proceeds from the partnership between Sentara Healthcare and the former Williamsburg Community Hospital.  Since its inception, the Foundation has granted nearly 80 million dollars to improve the health of the Williamsburg community. For information on grants from the Williamsburg Health Foundation, including how to apply for a grant,visit

Grants Approved by WHF Board of Trustees on December 3, 2018
Name Project Title Grant Amount
The Arc of Greater Williamsburg Fitness Program $25,000
Center for Child and Family Services Child and Family Connection’s Violence Prevention and Intervention Program (VPIP) $35,000
Colonial Behavioral Health Advancing Opioid-Addiction Treatment $40,000
Community Housing Partners Building Healthy Communities $45,000
The Doorways Basic Operating Support $12,000
Elk Hill Farm, Inc. Elk Hill’s School-Based Mental Health Program $20,000
Grove Christian Outreach Center Children’s Summer Lunch Program $5,000
New Horizons Family Counseling Center Youth and Family Counseling Program $100,000
Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center Basic Operating Support $450,000
Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center Improving Diabetic Self-Management through Health Coaching $30,000
One Child Center for Autism Kids’ Night $15,000
Peninsula Agency on Aging PAA RIDES Program $110,000
Peninsula Agency on Aging Nutritious Noontime Meals $50,000
Postpartum Support Virginia, Inc. Healthy Mother, Healthy Family $8,000
Virginia Peninsula Foodbank Mobile Food Pantry: Fresh Produce Program $20,000
Williamsburg Area Faith in Action Support for Development Director $42,000
Williamsburg Soccer Foundation Virginia Legacy Soccer Club Community Partnership Program $20,000
TOTAL: $1,027,000
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