The Child Health Initiative

With funding and leadership from the Williamsburg Health Foundation, The City of Williamsburg, Child Development Resources, and Williamsburg-James City County Public School Division have formed a team and partnered to create an integrated and multi-disciplinary, home-based service delivery approach that works in partnership with families to improve well-being. Eligible families are City residents who indicate readiness to improve their health and well-being and who have multiple risk factors that require the services of several agencies, and collaboration among those agencies, to address. The team works with approximately 35 families to assess their health and well-being, identify their needs, prioritize their goals, and develop service plans to achieve better health outcomes for their children. The program entails frequent contact with families, coordinated home visits, regular team meetings, and careful progress monitoring.

The Chronic Care Collaborative

The Chronic Care Collaborative (CCC) was founded by WHF in 2007 with the mission of strengthening the care of chronic disease among the uninsured and under-insured in Greater Williamsburg. CCC members include Angels of Mercy Health Clinic, Colonial Behavioral Health, Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic, Lackey Free Clinic, Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center and Rx Partnership. Representatives from Sentara Williamsburg and Riverside Doctor’s hospitals also participate in CCC meetings. With monthly meetings, a performance support website, and shared quality metrics, the CCC has become a model of continuous quality improvement and patient-centered care. The member clinics are now comprehensive medical homes, as they provide not only primary care, but oral and behavioral healthcare as well.

School Health Initiative Program (SHIP)

SHIP is a partnership between the Williamsburg-James City County Public School Division, the Williamsburg Health Foundation, and a multitude of community partners that are committed to working together to create a healthier community. SHIP’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of WJCC students and staff by supporting and promoting healthy eating and active lifestyle habits in the schools, homes, and the community.

SHIP’s major programs include:

  • After School Challenge Clubs for Students. Running clubs have led to hundreds of children participating in local 5K races such as Run the D.O.G. and the Sentara Sleighbell.
  • Wellness Integration Program that teaches nutrition education and trains elementary teachers how to integrate physical activity into the teaching of core subjects.
  • A Partnership with the WJCCPS’s Child Nutrition Services Department, providing nutrition education and continuous efforts to increase the healthy food choice options in the school cafeterias, including coaching from consulting chefs and monthly Farm to Table vegetable tastings.

For more information on SHIP, visit their website or Facebook page.