Who/What does Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) fund?

Does the Foundation give multi-year funding?
WHF does not award multi-year grants.

What is the Foundation’s service area?
The Foundation will fund programs that serve residents located in the City of Williamsburg, City of Poquoson, James City County and York County.

What are the funding priorities?
The Foundation has outlined its goals, strategies, and objectives in its Strategic Plan for 2018-2020.

Does the Foundation fund general operating expenses?
Organizations meeting certain eligibility requirements may be invited to apply for a basic operating support grant.

What types of organizations does the Foundation fund?
To receive funds from the Foundation the applicant organization must be a non-profit with 501(c)3 status or a state or local government agency.

What will the Foundation not fund?
The Foundation will not fund applications requesting support for the following:

  • Annual appeals and fundraising
  • Endowments
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Restoration of funds cut by governments or other organizations
  • Lobbying

Williamsburg Health Foundation Grants

What is the typical amount awarded for a grant?
The award amount depends on the size of an organization, the scope of its program and the Foundation’s resources. To understand the range and types of grants supported, review WHF’s grant recipients.

What are the grant categories?
There are four distinct grant types offered by the Foundation:

Grants Initiated by Letter Of Intent (LOI):
Responsive Grants

Grants by Invitation:
Basic Operating Support Grants
Basic Program Support Grants
Foundation Directed Grants

What needs to be submitted with a LOI?
A LOI must be accompanied by three WHF budget forms and an IRS Determination Letter, if applicable. For more information see Applying for a Responsive Grant and the “LOI Worksheet.”

How should a LOI be submitted?
LOIs will only be accepted via the Foundation’s online application process.

What if something happens and I cannot submit my LOI or grant application on time?
Applications and supporting documents are due by noon (12:00 p.m.) on the dates indicated. There are no exceptions to deadlines. Please complete your application early to avoid any last minute problems. Late applications will not be considered.

How many Letters of Intent can an agency submit in a given grant cycle?
An agency may submit no more than two Letters of Intent per cycle. However, please note that no agency may receive more than two Responsive Grants in any calendar year.

What is the link to apply for a Responsive grant for WHF’s most recent cycle?
Log-in here.
What is the link to access saved work on a Letter of Intent or review past grant applications?
Log-in here.

What information needs to be submitted with a Full Application?
Details about the Full Application will be provided via email to those applicants who are invited to apply.

How should a Full Application be submitted?
Full Applications will only be accepted via the Foundation’s online application process.

How is the information submitted on the application used?
WHF only asks for the information that it needs to make a funding decision. The information submitted on an application will be used to determine whether the program and the organization fall in line with the requirements of the Foundation. The information will not be distributed in any way.

Contacting the Foundation

What is the best method to get in contact with someone from the Foundation?
Program officers can be reached by phone at (757) 345-0912 or via email at info@williamsburghealthfoundation.org.

What is the best way to get help with application technical difficulties?
Program Officers can help with any questions about technical aspects of the online application process. To avoid losing information, it is advised that applicants type the answers to the application questions into a word document first and then copy and paste the answers onto the online application form.

After Applying

How long does it take to receive grant funding?
It takes approximately 4 months from the time a Letter of Intent is submitted until the grant request is reviewed by the Foundation Board of Trustees. Funds are disbursed after the grant request is approved and the Foundation has received a signed grant contract. Program officers will communicate with applicants at key points during the process.

If the application is not accepted will the Foundation communicate the reasons why?
The Foundation will notify applicants via email if their application is not accepted. That email will contain general information about the Foundation’s decision.

If awarded a grant, what would the reporting requirements be?
The Foundation requires six-month and final progress reports. Further information about reporting to the Foundation will be outlined to grantees in their grant contract.

What if our organization doesn’t use all the funds received from the Foundation?
The Williamsburg Health Foundation does not permit the transfer of grant funds from one program year to a different program year. Any funds that remain unspent or unencumbered by a program end date cannot “roll-over” into a new budget and must be returned to the Foundation. Grantees are encouraged to discuss projected concerns or challenges with spending their grant funds with their program officer in advance of the grant ending date.