Williamsburg Health Foundation Makes Greater Williamsburg a Healthier Place to Live, Work, and Go to School

On June 4, 2018, the Williamsburg Health Foundation’s Board of Trustees met and awarded just over 3.5 million dollars to programs to improve the health of those living in Greater Williamsburg. Programs include the provision of excellent health care at local clinics to the prevention of illness through programs that focus on healthier childhoods.

The Foundation’s new president and CEO, Carol L. Sale, who began in mid-May said, “It is an honor to move into this role with the Health Foundation and exciting to be part of the process of grant making to all of these outstanding local programs and agencies.”

The Foundation’s latest grants are in keeping with its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.  According to Board of Trustees President, Jim Golden, “These grants are consistent with our mission to inspire collaboration, mobilize resources and encourage innovation to enhance the health and well-being of people living in Greater Williamsburg.”

“The variety of program grants illustrates that overall health not only incorporates high quality health care but also includes support for other health improvement opportunities throughout the lifespan,” said Sale.

Many grants focus on children, including the Greater Williamsburg Area Child Assessment Center at Colonial Behavioral Health, programs through Child Development Resources, Child Health Initiative funded through the City of Williamsburg and James City County, and the School Health Initiative Program (SHIP) at WJCC Public Schools.  “The Foundation continues to provide core support for clinical operations, but we also understand that patterns of behavior set early in life are critical to the long-term health of our community, and we are fortunate to have such great partners working on those issues,” said Golden.

One grant is focused on helping find services provided by all the other grants. On the website www.wmbgcares.org there is a directory of agencies that provide services in Greater Williamsburg.  “It’s our goal not only to have great services available in Greater Williamsburg but also to have those services be easy to find by those who may need them,” said Sale.

The Williamsburg Health Foundation was founded in 1996 with proceeds from the partnership between Sentara Healthcare and what was the Williamsburg Community Hospital.  Since its inception and including this week’s grants, the Williamsburg Health Foundation has granted nearly 79 million dollars to improve the health of those living in Greater Williamsburg.  The vision of the organization is “individuals making healthy choices in a community with health opportunities for all.”


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