Eat Well Compete Well is an initiative supported by Williamsburg Health Foundation.

This Greater Williamsburg area-wide initiative encourages athletic organizers, sports teams, coaches, parents, and young athletes to drink water, eat healthy snacks, and keep moving. It’s about that simple and the results are outstanding — overall better health and stronger competitors! Whether you represent a large sports organization, a community recreational group, or a school team, Eat Well Compete Well is a program you can implement. Don’t reach for sugary sodas or sports drinks — reach for water, and use the bottle fill-up stations. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables with nut butters and hummus. And of course, stay on the go: moving, exercising, walking more, biking more, and sitting less!

Keep Hydrated
The best source for hydration is still plain old-fashioned water. Most sports drinks are loaded with sugar that far exceeds the calories burned. Make sure your athlete always has a filled water bottle and encourage frequent drinking.

Healthy Snacks
You can help fuel your child’s body and performance by providing foods rich in healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Move More
Practices may last an hour but children are typically moving less than half the time. Increasing the time they’re active by 10-15 minutes can make a big difference.