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2023 Grant Cycle Due Dates

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by noon (12:00 p.m.) on the dates indicated. There are no exceptions to deadlines. Please complete your application early to avoid any last-minute problems. Late applications will not be considered.


Letter of Intent (LOI) for Responsive Grants

Grant Cycle 1
Friday, January 27
Grant Cycle 2
Friday, July 28

Grant Invitations Sent to Applicants

Grant Cycle 1
Friday, February 3
Grant Cycle 2
Friday, August 4


Full Grant Applications Due

Grant Cycle 1
Friday, March 3
Grant Cycle 2
Friday, September 1


Grant Decisions

Grant Cycle 1
2023 Summer Board meeting (June)
Grant Cycle 2
2023 Winter Board meeting (December)

Any organization meeting the basic requirements can apply for a Responsive Grant from WHF. For the best results, follow the steps outlined on this page.

Invitation to Submit Full Grant Applications

Grant Cycle 1
Friday, February 3
Grant Cycle 2
Friday, August 4

Questions to answer before applying.

   The Letter of Intent (LOI)

Please note: To access saved work on a Letter of Intent or review past grant applications, log in here.

The process of applying for a Responsive Grant begins with the submission of WHF’s online Letter of Intent. For more information about the Foundation’s timelines, please see the current Grant Cycle Calendar.

An agency may submit no more than two Letters of Intent per cycle, and no agency may receive more than two Responsive Grants in any calendar year.

A LOI should identify the need, target population, and strategy for addressing the need. Additionally, the applicant should outline a program budget, document any other sources of funding, and illustrate any collaboration with other agencies. For ongoing programs, the LOI should also include evidence that WHF funding would not supplant existing funding for the agency or program.

When submitting a Letter of Intent, please attach the WHF Program Budget Packet. If the WHF Program Budget Packet is not submitted with the application, or different budget forms are used, the LOI will not be reviewed. 

    Need Help With An Application? The Foundation’s program officers are not able to review LOI’s prior to submission, but they are available to answer general questions about the Foundation’s interests or its application process.

    LOI Review and Potential Full Application Invitation

    After the LOI submission deadline has passed, WHF program officers will review all of the submitted LOIs. After this review, the Foundation will contact applicants via email to inform them of their status.

    For those organizations that are invited to submit a Full Grant Application, additional information will be sent by email. An invitation to submit a Full Grant Application does not mean the submission will result in funding.

    Responsive Grant Policies

    WHF’s Board of Trustees restructured several important elements of WHF’s Responsive Grants program.

    These changes are designed to provide the Foundation with flexibility to address evolving health care priorities and to better serve the long-term needs of the community. Achieving these goals will enable WHF to support innovation and sustained excellence, while encouraging continuous improvement.

    Please note:
    Approved Responsive Grants may receive up to four consecutive years of funding.
    As with current policy, an agency may apply each of the four years the program is eligible.
    After the first year, programs may receive up to 75% of the original grant for the second year; 50% the third year; and 25% in the final year of eligibility.

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