Capacity Building

NetworkPeninsula serves nonprofits across the Peninsula by helping build their capacity to remain sustainable and equipping them with the tools to ensure they fulfill their respective missions effectively.

NetworkPeninsula and The Nonprofit Management Institute

In January of 2019, NetworkPeninsula launched a Williamsburg-based Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) with Thomas Nelson Community College.

To create a long-term, sustainable nonprofit education and certification program in our area and to build the capacities of local nonprofit agencies, the Williamsburg Health Foundation has provided NetworkPeninsula with funds to reimburse qualified agencies the cost of individual classes or complete coursework for members of their staff and board.


The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation and the Williamsburg Health Foundation partnered to launch Catchafire Virginia Peninsula.

As part of Catchafire Virginia Peninsula, organizations access to Catchafire’s virtual platform and programming to leverage a network of more than 100,000 skilled volunteers to help accomplish the projects they need the most, so organizations can more efficiently and effectively carry out the important work now and in the future.

Catchafire is a full service, on-demand solution designed to address the wide-ranging and complex needs of nonprofits and is the largest online tool to connect social good organizations with talented professionals looking to donate their skills.

Catchafire’s virtual volunteering network connects nonprofits with passionate professionals across a diverse range of fields, from Fortune 500s to 1-person startups, all over the world.

Finding the right match is important. Each of the 150+ pre-scoped projects contains prerequisite skills and experience, core deliverables, and time estimates, so volunteers know exactly what is required when they apply to work with a nonprofit.  Nonprofits review resumes, interview, and select volunteers.

WHF sponsors 50+ Catchafire memberships for health and human services organizations impacting the health of the Greater Williamsburg Community. Contact us to see if your organization qualifies!

The work done through Catchafire has saved the Alliance thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time. The volunteers are professional and more often than not, complete the project to exceed my expectations. The deliverables I received through the social media project drastically increased engagement with my pages and with the nonprofit.”

—Connor, Executive Director, The Greater Williamsburg HEARTSafe Alliance

GuideStar by Candid

Did you know that GuideStar was founded in Williamsburg?  And it still has its main office here?  Let’s hear it for the hometown hero for charity in America!

For a nonprofit organization, completing your GuideStar profile gives you a competitive edge.  According to GuideStar, “updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile ensures that prospective donors and funders will find the accurate, timely information about your organization. Your information will be seen by the 8 million users who visit GuideStar each year and millions more who visit the 200+ charitable applications and websites that are powered by GuideStar.”

Office of Community Engagement at College of William & Mary

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) partners with nonprofits to create positive community-driven social change. OCE offers the opportunity to share volunteer needs in its weekly student volunteer listserv, hosts a volunteer fair in the September, and holds networking and resource sharing events in fall and spring. OCE funds  a limited number of internships focused on students completing capacity projects for local nonprofits. Visit the community partners webpage for details, and email for a one-on-one conversation.

Listserv for Nonprofits: Nonprofit-l

The Williamsburg Regional Library has a listserv for nonprofits to share information with each other. WHF uses this list frequently to post news and announcements. Subscribe to the Nonprofit-l for up-to-date, nonprofit-specific announcements from WHF.  To sign up, click here.

Standards for Excellence

The goal of Standards for Excellence is to promote the highest standards of ethics and accountability in nonprofit governance, management and operations, and to facilitate adherence to those standards by all nonprofit organizations.

The Standards for Excellence code builds upon the legal foundations of nonprofit management, governance, and operations to embrace fundamental values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, compassion, responsibility, and transparency. The code consists of six Guiding Principles in 27 topic areas with specific performance benchmarks that characterize effective, ethical, and accountable organizations.

The Williamsburg Health Foundation has an in-house licensed consultant for Standards for Excellence.  Our in-house consultant can assist your organization as you establish and/or reestablish best practices at your agency. Contact the foundation for more information.


Based out of Washington DC, Board Source aims to assist with nonprofit board leadership support, training, and education in order to unleash the full potential of boards and board leaders. They believe a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is essential to making this a reality. They have a wide range of diagnostic tools, education seminars, best practice resources and guidance, and coaching and consulting services to strengthen nonprofit board performance.

Williamsburg Community Foundation

The Williamsburg Community Foundation gives grants twice a year to a wide variety of Williamsburg-area nonprofit organizations working in many different fields, including arts and culture. If you are a local organization, be sure to check them out.

Did you know that there are over 25+ Foundations in the Williamsburg area? Wondering about all the other local foundations? You can find them in a variety of ways. Check out below!

For research on foundations and grants, nothing beats Candid’s The Foundation Center Directory Online. If your organization is looking for grants, consider buying a month (or more) of time in which to do prospect research.

Candid’s Foundation Center also offers fantastic free resources via its:

  • IssueLab: free research from social sector organizations.
  • GrantSpace: training for grantseekers (both free, online, and paid in-person)


Health Wheel PDF

What goes into your health? Download Here >>>

Housing and Health Report

This report captures the interconnections between health, housing, and community in the Williamsburg region while exploring possibilities for cultivating neighborhoods that improve the health of all residents across the socioeconomic spectrum and every stage of life. Where we live — both our individual homes and their surroundings — plays a substantial role in our well-being.
Download Here >>>

Status of Health Report

This report collects and analyzes publicly available, community-level health related data. The goal of the report is to transform the data into actionable knowledge. It is our hope that the report will facilitate community dialogue, inform health and human service providers and decision makers, and support collaborative approaches that will address challenges, gaps and opportunities. In many cases, the findings highlight disparities in health outcomes among different segments of our community. The report is produced biennially by WHF Senior Program Officer, Paulette Parker. This version includes an expanded section on the impact of the Social Determinants of Health.
Download Here >>>


This report explores integrating medical and behavioral care in Greater Williamsburg.
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COVID-19 Related – Vaccine Acceptance Resources

For Organizations Reaching Out to Individuals

Ad Council

From the group that brought you “Put Litter in its Place”; Smokey the Bear; and those other things you just can’t get out of your head, you can now get potent vaccine promotion “assets.”

Page down to “Assets” and you can search by type of media and by specific audiences. These assets are free to you to use in your own vaccine promotion efforts.  They are multi-lingual and diverse.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine Resources

Highly detailed information from the Federal Government.

Virginia Department of Health

On this page, you can find a large variety of downloadable print files on different topics around the vaccine.  These materials primarily include detailed, one-page sheets of information on individual topics.


For Employers Reaching Out to Employees

US Chamber of Commerce has curated a large selection of materials from a variety of sources.

Want to learn about tailoring your message to different audiences? And why tailor your message? Here is a one-hour YouTube video from Association of Schools and Programs for Public Health.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are a major cause of preventable disease. WHF developed these “sugary drink” posters in consultation with the School Health Initiative Program.

Get Active Poster

3 Mile Walk Poster

Historic Ride Poster

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