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Give Generously and Impactfully

National Philanthropy Day was November 15. Giving Tuesday falls on November 29. Let’s start the month of November by myth busting around nonprofits and “the overhead myth.” On Thursday October 27, 2022, the Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) hosted its annual awards...

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Doing Good Better: Nonprofit Capacity Building

          On Thursday, October 27, 2022, Williamsburg Health Foundation presents its 2022 Annual Award to NetworkPeninsula, a nonprofit serving other nonprofits to increase their capacity to effectively achieve their missions now and in the future. The theme of the...

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Older Adults: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

“Older Adults: Where We Are and Where We’re Going,” new research from the Williamsburg Health Foundation, provides both qualitative and quantitative data to inform and catalyze collaborative approaches to making ours a more age-friendly community. With a higher...

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WHF Welcomes New Trustees for 2022

WILLIAMSBURG — The Williamsburg Health Foundation welcomes three new trustees in 2022. “These individuals have each demonstrated significant commitment to leadership in our community,” said Carol L. Sale, President and CEO, of the Williamsburg Health Foundation. “We...

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Local Nonprofits Receive Over 1M in Services

“We give organizations a variety of resources to improve their operations,” said Carol L. Sale, President and CEO of WHF. Over the past two and half years, WHF has helped nonprofits by sponsoring membership in Catchafire. “In our first two years with Catchafire, the...

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Williamsburg Health Foundation Presents Its Annual Awards

Each October the Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) presents its annual awards to highlight someone or some organization that helps to make Greater Williamsburg a healthier community. WHF has presented awards in the Fall each year since 1999. “On the one hand this...

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New Grants for a New Plan: 22 Grants worth 3.5M

On Monday, June 7, 2021, the Board of Trustees of the Williamsburg Health Foundation (WHF) met and approved 22 grants worth nearly 3.5 million dollars.  “This is the first year of implementation of a new strategic plan. We are excited to see not only the plan in...

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