Williamsburg Health Foundation Research and Local Data
This report captures the interconnections between health, housing, and community in the Williamsburg region while exploring possibilities for cultivating neighborhoods that improve the health of all residents across the socioeconomic spectrum and every stage of life. Where we live — both our individual homes and their surroundings — plays a substantial role in our well-being.
Additional research papers on the topic of on housing in James City County, Virginia are available at
This is the 2015 version of our biennial report, “The Status of Citizen Health in Greater Williamsburg: What are the Community Health Indicators Telling Us?” For the report we collected and analyzed the publically-available, community-level health, and health-related data. The goal of the report is to transform the data into actionable knowledge. It is our hope that the report will facilitate community dialogue, inform health and human service providers and decision makers, and serve as a catalyst for collaborative approaches that will address identified needs and gaps. In many cases, the findings in the report highlight disparities in health opportunities and outcomes among different segments of our community.
Profile of the Uninsured
Using the most recent statistics available, the Virginia Health Care Foundation’s 2017 Profile of Virginia’s Uninsured provides a detailed picture of the Commonwealth’s uninsured. 

Dr. Steven Woolf's March 20, 2014 lecture focused on how tackling social factors, such as inadequate education, would have a far greater impact on improving our nation’s health than would medical technological advances.