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Covid-19 Related Vaccine Acceptance Resources

For Organizations Reaching Out to Individuals

Ad Council

From the group that brought you “Put Litter in its Place”; Smokey the Bear; and those other things you just can’t get out of your head, you can now get potent vaccine promotion “assets.”

Page down to “Assets” and you can search by type of media and by specific audiences. These assets are free to you to use in your own vaccine promotion efforts.  They are multi-lingual and diverse.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine Resources

Highly detailed information from the Federal Government.

Virginia Department of Health

On this page, you can find a large variety of downloadable print files on different topics around the vaccine.  These materials primarily include detailed, one-page sheets of information on individual topics.


For Employers Reaching Out to Employees

US Chamber of Commerce has curated a large selection of materials from a variety of sources.

Want to learn about tailoring your message to different audiences? And why tailor your message? Here is a one-hour YouTube video from Association of Schools and Programs for Public Health.